Authentic Mexican street food

Maria Sabina is an authentic Mexican street food stall established in Brixton in 2013.


Our recipes come from generations of cooks in Monica’s family in Guanajuato, Mx.


Maria Sabina aims to preserve and share Mexico´s culinary heritage and to bring an experience of a real Mexican market stall to London – just as if you were there yourself! Mexican food is about great flavour and having time to enjoy it. We offer just that! Our dishes are made with a high quality, fresh and locally sourced (when possible) ingredients.


We love what we do and hope you’ll love it too.

About Us

We (Monica and Tom) met whilst working in the famous Cafe Pacifico, one of London's most established Mexican Restaurant which can be found in Covent Garden. We owe them our thanks, as it was there our passion was ignited for promoting Mexican food, and for each other.

The idea of starting a stall came to us whilst visiting Monica's home town of Guanajuato in Central Mexico. Sat having lunch in the iconic market 'Mercado Hidalgo' we were blown away by the quality and freshness of the food, the flair of the flavours. The passion...the price. We wished that we could pack it all up with us and take it back to London. So we did.

Maria Sabina, named after one of the most famous Mexican shamans, began in Brixton Station Road Market during the International Food Festival, October 2013. Penniless but determined, we scraped together £400 to buy the bare essentials and set up our stall, ready to share our passion for Mexican food. Neither of us could have predicted the overwhelming success of that first day. People were asking us where our restaurant was so they could bring their friends and enjoy our food again and again. It made us realise we had something special. What made it so special? It was our food - of course.

We make it our priority to make everything we can from scratch, only using the freshest ingredients and traditional methods. Monica's family have been running kitchens for generations so finding the recipes for our taco and quesadilla fillings was easy. We have not changed a thing, the only alteration has been the location. It fills us with pride knowing that the food we serve you is exactly what you would find on your plate if you came for supper at Monica's in Guanajuato. It's this authenticity and passion that for us, Maria Sabina is all about.

That first day on Brixton Station Road turned into two years, many catering events and a short residency at the Brocka in South-East London. We have now moved down the road from our little stall into food-lovers favourite, Pop Brixton. We can't wait for you to experience our mouth-watering tacos or delicious quesadillas, maybe a tequila or two? Whichever it is, we know that you will leave Maria Sabina's as in love with Mexican food, as we are.

Who is Maria Sabina?

María Sabina was the first contemporary Mexican curandera, defined as a native shaman, to allow Westerners to participate in the healing vigil that became known as the velada, where all participants partake of the psilocybin mushroom as a sacrament to open the gates of the mind.

The velada is seen as a purification and as a communion with the sacred. US youth began seeking out María Sabina and the "holy children" as early as 1962, and in the years that followed, thousands of counterculture mushroom seekers, scientists, and others arrived in the Sierra Mazateca, and many met her.

By 1967 more than 70 people from the US, Canada, and Western Europe were renting cabins in neighbouring villages. Many of them went there directly after reading "Seeking the Magic Mushroom", a 1957 Life magazine article written by Wasson about his experiences. Sabina cultivated relationships with several of them, including Wasson, who became something of a friend.

Many 1960s celebrities visited María Sabina, including rock stars such as Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

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Southbank Centre Food Market, Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX


Friday and Saturday: 12pm –7pm

Sunday 12pm – 6pm

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